Responsive versus Adaptive Web Design

Today hot topics in web design are Responsive and Adaptive. There are some similarities, but mostly the concepts in creating sites that adhere to either specification are quite different.

Responsive, as it’s name implies, respond to the device accessing the website. Thus, it will be the same ‘coded’ site, but that code will detected the device and render the site accordingly. Thus, if a browser (or device) screen is such a size, the site will ‘respond’ on the fly to the screen size. Responsive designs always use the same .CSS and .HTML, etc.. pages.

Adaptive web design creates different templates based upon the size of the browser, or device screen. Thus, you would create multiple home pages, .CSS pages, etc.. and would only show the resources necessary to render the site.

Each design technique has it’s advantages and disadvantages. If you have a site that is neither responsive nor adaptive, or you do not know, contact Nu Frontiers for a free consultation. We can have your clients accessing your site optimally from various devices in no time and within your budget. Call 847.227.8669 or email us at